How to Get Faster…The Whole Plan!





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How to Get Faster…The Whole Plan!


Speed is a must have commodity in today’s world. Internet providers compete with the fastest speeds, restaurants compete with who can deliver the best quality of food the fastest while still offering great customer service and hospitals now have billboards that show how fast a patient can be seen by an emergency room doctor! It’s no longer acceptable just to be good at what you do, you have to be fast while maintaining your quality whether it’s service or sports training.


In the industry that I represent, speed is not only a must have commodity, speed kills! As long as you are fast you can be trained in quality and how to become even faster. Speed is a skill and that’s represented everywhere even in the internet business. The speeds get faster with the internet connections because the engineers continue to design them that way, to become faster, to handle loads of information and downloads while maintaining the speed that it’s designed and advertised to maintain. In the sports industry it’s the same concept. Speed is definitely a skill that is taught and it is taught often and with each athlete we want them to be as fast as their genetics, training, skill level and technique will allow them to be.


What I’ve realized on the internet is that you will find PLENTY of articles and blog post (including mine!) about how to get faster and within those posts and articles you will find workouts, but what many don’t realize is that most of those so-called ‘workouts’ aren’t really up to date information or they really are just drills which rarely apply to getting people to run faster! Don’t get me wrong, the drills have their place in teaching the skill, but many coaches, such as myself, don’t consider them in actually getting the athlete faster.


So how do we get faster? Simple answer: by running fast! However, we all know the process is not as simple as it sounds and since it will take me pages on pages and articles on top of articles to explain how to go through this process of max speed, sub max speed, general strength training, special strength, tempo runs, how to set the tempo pace and endurance and how to incorporate all of these into making you faster!!!! That would take at least 65 articles and 100 blog post (I’m exaggerating of course but you get the point, then again, it might actually take that to explain everything!).


So how do we simplify this process? Well, what if I told you there already is a program out there that simplified the process and put everything together in a 23 week program that is ready to go and all you have to do is implement it, adjust it based on your needs and the needs of your athletes or just plug and play? You probably wouldn’t believe me would you? Don’t worry, I wouldn’t believe me either. Well, I’m here to tell you that such a program DOES exist! It’s called ‘5 Rings, 2 Program: A Guide to Championship Performance and Success’. This Ebook explains and goes through the training that lead my athletes to win 5 Team State championships with 2 different programs in a 7 year span! It has everything that I described in it:


  • 23 weeks of workouts already designed and ready to implement
  • General strength circuits
  • Speed workouts and how to implement them
  • Speed endurance workouts
  • Tempo runs and what pace to go at in each part of training
  • Rest and recovery methods
  • How to use special strength to bridge the gap between speed and strength
  • How and when speed/power athletes use endurance to get faster
  • Direct access to me and how to reach me to answer any of your questions
  • Much more…!



This is an Ebook that’s delivered within minutes to your email and only you have access to it and you have it immediately! No boring drills, just plain workouts and how to implement them with explanations on each training phase and what should be done each week.


Now how much would something like this cost? A book with this kind of information can go for $49.95-$39.95, but that’s not how much this one cost. The typical Ebook usually cost $37 right? Not this one! Most discounted Ebooks will go for $20…but I’m practically giving this book away for $10!!!!


No, that is not a misprint or a coupon price…it’s real…just $10 and this Ebook with all this information on secrets to getting athletes faster, whether it’s track and field, baseball, football, basketball, soccer, etc, can be yours within 2-3 minutes of ordering.


Just go to this link and go to the Store!



Remember, it’s just $10 and it holds the secrets to getting faster, the how and the why!!!


Continue in knowledge my friends!






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