A New Year…or A New Day?

When 2012 came to a close and the door was opening on 2013, I didn’t really do much reflecting simply because I’m the type of person who learns his lessons daily, I capitalize on my mistakes almost instantly and I implement changes as soon as I decide on them.


However, one thing I did spend a lot of time thinking about my level of risk taking and really stepping out and taking chances. I must admit that I didn’t do much risk taking this year and that’s my fault. My mistakes stem from allowing my situations to dictate what actions I take instead of just purely taking action and allowing that to tell the situation what to do.


Now have I learned from those lessons? Absolutely! So what’s the solution? Well,…the answer is simple:  take action…NOW! 

  • The things I need to do more on a daily basis is:
  • 1. Continually educate myself on business and my passion
  • 2. Come up with a plan of action
  • 3. Take action immediately after I come up with the plan!

This isn’t a resolution or a year end goal, this is something that I’ve chosen to do on a daily basis!

Honestly, that’s what I hope for everyone…make daily and consistent goals that fit into your long term goals.

I honestly used to be this way, especially when I was younger. Between the ages of 21-25 I took many risks, would leave any city at the drop of a dime for a closer step to my passion. Chance taker should have been my nickname! 

(Just re-reading that reminded me of how I truly need to get back to that relentless mindset of endless pursuit of what I love to do!)

Seems we have to redefine ourselves from time to time. Who am I? What am I here to accomplish? What’s the cost of pursuing my passion? Am I willing to pay it?

Me? I’m a young coach who trains athletes, not only to become champions, but to provide opportunities, guidance and knowledge to anyone who thirsts for knowledge as I do. I teach the value of education whether it be academic or otherwise. The price of it all…I have to be willing to lose it all!

Take the chance, do what you love, live your passion, love your friends and family, show your significant other your love for them everyday and live the life you want to live…everyday!


Happy New Day!


Continue in knowledge my friends!




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