Why I do What I do…

This past weekend my team that I coach competed in their Conference championships. I’ll start by saying that we lost to our conference rival. However, there were many moments that had silver linings in them that provided hope, at least to me, for my athletes and our team. My job, as a coach, is to train athletes and help them improve their athletic performance; that’s what the public knows. However, my REAL job, as a coach, is to get these athletes and provide them with opportunites: opportunities to go to college, opportunities to believe in themselves, the opportunity for many of them to have someone believe in them and their potential abilities, the opportunity to try something that can have a positive ending to it, the opportunity to showcase all that they are, the opportunity to be challenged,…I think you get the point!


All of that only barely scratches the surface of the all the opportunities that present itself. But what I saw at the Conference championships was more than a lost, more than disappointment and more than frustration. What I saw was something that my athletes can begin to believe in. It’s one thing for my students to believe in me and what I do for them, but it’s a whole new world when they believe in themselves. When they buy into the training program they see what’s expecting of them and the road map to how they can achieve their success, but when they see the results from what they believed in, that’s where all the joy comes from.


That IS what coaching is all about ladies and gentlemen. That IS the very reason why many great coaches and trainers do what they do. Seeing the joy on my students’ faces when they achieve a level of success that they never thought possible just validates why I do what I do. To help these students believe…that’s something that I live for.

Continue in knowledge my friends!




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