Want to get faster…Try High Quality Workouts!

Throughout my years as an athlete and coach I have acquired various exercises and workouts to help improve confidence and athletic ability. The workouts that I’ve kept around in my training program for my athletes are workouts that have been proven to get results, workouts that are tailored for their individual needs, workouts that address all 5 Biomotor abilities that ALL athletes need and should have(Coordination, Strength, Speed, Endurance and Flexibility) and workouts that challenge the correct energy systems.


If I want to improve Speed, then I’m going up to 60 meters; if I want to improve Speed Endurance, then I’m going from 60 meters to 150 meters; if I want to improve Special Endurance 1 (or Special Speed Endurance as I like to call it), then I’m going from 150 meters to 300 meters; and if I want to improve the Special Endurance (Special Endurance 2 as it is more commonly called), then I’m going from 300 meters to 600 meters.  However, depending on how you combine the distances run and how much rest you give your athletes will determine which part of the Anaerobic Energy System you will be training (remember it’s Alactic-without oxygen which is Speed (0 meters to 60 meters) or Lactic which is Speed Endurance, Special Endurance 1 and Special Endurance 2 (60m-150m; 150m-300m; 300m-600m)).


However, if you’re looking for quality workouts (you should always go for quality within every workout aka don’t beat the kids into the ground just working them to make them tough; that just shows a lack of coaching knowledge), especially during this part of the Florida high school season, then you are looking to give your athletes plenty of rest between reps and sets.  This also means that they are running very fast which is near or at their maximum speed which means that the volume is pretty low to achieve the desired result. During competition phase of training, the number of quality workouts will greatly depend on how much time you give the athlete to rest between workouts and rest between the workout and the next competition. Just remember, when planning these quality workouts, be sure to take all those factors into consideration before executing a theme for the training week.


Now, some of my favorite workouts for my athletes include the following:


  • 1x60m, 1x80m, 1x100m, 1x120m, 1x150m. Full recovery between each one
  • 2x350m. Full recovery between each rep
  • 1x250m, 1x150m. Full recovery between each one
  • 2x(150m+60m+150m). Rest 3 minutes between reps, Full recovery between sets


Those workouts just barely scratche the surface of my training inventory, but these are among some of my favorite to implement when the time is right and when the athlete has proven that they can handle this quality of a workout.


I hope this helps in your workout planning. Let me know if I can help you with this or if you have questions just leave a comment below!

Continue in knowledge my friends!




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